Vodka brand Grey Goose has developed a stand out logo in cooperation with luxury packaging expert Dapy for a limited edition bottle which features a new electroluminescent label. The bottle is a limited edition and will be available over the summer.The label is waterproof, its components are integrated inside without any wiring, AIPIA reports.

The label was developed in partnership with Dapy, who manufactured the label and the bottle. Dapy specialises in luxury packaging, focusing on high-end markets such as beauty products and liquors. David Jacquet, Dapy’s director of sales, said his company was excited to introduce this latest creation for Grey Goose during the recent Luxe Pack NY. He adds that the patented technology puts the emphasis on the iconic logo.

“We worked over a year on this concept, including the patent lead-time,” Jacquet explains. “We decided to concentrate on this technology to achieve a nice even white lighting on the full goose area.”

He notes that adhesion was one challenge that had to be overcome.“Our engineers created a stunning electroluminescent label. The biggest challenge was to provide good adhesion of the EL film on the label frame and on the bottle because of the wide and complex goose shape.”