Mobility is a global megatrend that affects all social and economic spheres. It changes the way people work, think, communicate, consume and also how they eat and drink. This presents the beverage industry with new challenges – and opens up new opportunities. In a white paper, SIG shows how beverage manufacturers now can set the course with the choice of the right product and packaging concept in order to reach mobile society and thus boost their own business.

The white paper outlines what adds value to mobile consumers. This includes healthy, modern alternatives to traditional snacks suitable for on-the-go consumption. Such products have the best chance of being sold at a reasonable price.

Another central point of the white paper is the analysis of the role packaging plays in a successful product concept. Small-format carton packs, in particular, can play a key role in the global market for healthy, liquid snacks, especially for the millennials, who are among the main players in the young, mobile society.

Norman Gierow, Head of Global Product Management Market at SIG: "We have identified four key requirements that help beverage manufacturers to develop successful 'on-the-go' concepts – packaging plays a crucial role in this, as it is the most important touchpoint with the consumer for the brand. The packaging fulfils central functions in product marketing: it creates brand identity, provides information, is part of the brand experience and an ideal way to initiate consumer engagement”.

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