SIG’s paper u-bend straw made its commercial debut this month, in partnership with CAPSA Food’s ‘Central Lechera Asturiana’ – a leading Spanish milk brand.

Alternatives continue to gain momentum due to EU waste legislation and growing concerns about the environmental impact of plastic straws. According to the European Union’s SUP (Single Use Plastic) directive, plastic straws in Europe must be replaced by July 2021.

The paper used to produce SIG's paper straws, including straight and U-shaped in 4mm and 6mm diameters, is FSC-certified. The wrapper for the straw has also been redesigned to remain attached to the packaging, with the aim of preventing littering. All elements of the pack can be discarded as one.

Juan Povedano, marketing director at CAPSA Food, says: “Our strong partnership with SIG has ensured we are well prepared for this important change in EU legislation. We are proud to be the first to use the new Paper U-straw and the environmental benefits this will bring. It will also respond to growing demand from our consumers for more sustainable packaging solutions.”

SIG says that the commercial launch of its paper straw is another milestone in its ‘Way Beyond Good’ journey, through which it aims to put more back into society and the environment than it takes out.

Ana Ruiz del Árbol, marketing director for Iberia at SIG, concludes: “Carton packs are sustainable by nature, consisting of 70-80% paperboard. Now with the introduction of our new Paper U-straw for aseptic carton packs, we continue to lead the way in the industry.

“Our close cooperation with CAPSA Food has ensured they are now ready for the requirements of the SUP directive with our renewable and recyclable innovation, as well as giving their consumers the best sustainable alternative to plastic straws.”