Iuvas, a Munich-based start-up, has partnered with Faller Packaging to develop the sippa drinking aid, a product designed to make it easier for elderly and physically disabled people to drink.

The average age of the world’s population is increasing as a result of ongoing demographic change – meaning that a growing number of people are going to be restricted in their movements.

Iuvas recognised this trend and developed a solution to a problem that nursing staff encounter on a daily basis. The new product enables patients to drink without having to put their heads back.

The innovation consists of many different components that must be combined and inserted into one package. Consequently, the design process proved to be extremely complex – among other criteria, the user instruction booklet had to fit perfectly into each folding carton and inlays had to be designed to achieve the best possible product positioning.

The safety of the drinking system during transport was also an important factor that had to be addressed. Yet another challenge was time pressure due to the upcoming product launch, so delivery times and supply chains for all the packaging components had to be closely coordinated.

Faller Packaging produced the complete packaging for this project and accompanied Iuvas throughout the entire process, from sippa’s design and artwork to the production and packaging of all the components.

The Faller development department first obtained an overview of all the individual parts that had to be packaged. The experts then worked out possible solutions and sought to optimise the entire packaging piece by piece.

“Faller Packaging helped and advised us in all areas,” reports Jonas Zimmermann, managing director of marketing and sales at Iuvas. “Thanks to its comprehensive expertise, Faller was able to implement all the processes relating to packages and the packaging system itself. Communication with the main contact persons was also extremely structured for us – we always knew to whom we could turn.”