The label idea of Rita comes from Vietnam specialty bamboo hats. Together with the South Asia iconic coconut, Rita is able to express the landmark product to consumers in a clear and direct way. Bamboo hat lies in the middle of the label and the top and bottom of the label also outline the shape and stripes of bamboo hats. The stick figure on the left corner shows the traditional transportation of coconut. The boat, river, bridge, coconut tree and women in red make a beautiful picture with nature fresh, which matches Rita’s position of being natural and healthy. In the selling and marketing process, Rita could also give free a small bamboo hat as a souvenir, to arouse attention of the products’ Vietnam personality and enhance the shopping experience.


No matter how the trend is evolving, good packaging design should always be loyal to the brand. And the trend forecasting is to provide us with different techniques of art expression on the F&B packaging, make sure that brands are connected with the newest era and even enable brands to lead the trend. Fortunately, through Marking Awards, we can see that brands and design agencies are making continuous exploration in this field. Moreover, plenty of cases are proving to us that trends combinations can achieve amazing results. For example, ‘Minimalism that let colour shine’ has been listed as one of the packaging design trends of 2019 by overseas media, while the idea of ‘extreme visual’ can also be stretched to each segmented field. For example, besides bold colouring, using colour to the extreme or magnifying the enjoyment of F&B packaging to the extreme also work. From our side, it is more than a lucky task to continuously analyse, display and report the most recent F&B package design cases appeared in Marking Awards. Furthermore, mass participation from every of you will be definitely welcomed by the entire MA team so we can promote the interaction between food and design with bigger power!