TOMRA Food will be promoting its sensor-based sorting and grading solutions to make sure Every Resource Counts™. Visit us at Hall 5, Stand A41.

It’s not easy for food processors to ensure food safety or meet customers’ product specifications. Foreign material can get into the processing line’s product stream and product can be damaged by both external and internal defects, which can be almost impossible to detect. Yet, these threats must be eliminated to protect processors and retailers from product recalls and reputational damage.

To face the specific challenges of processors and repackers of IQF vegetables and fruits, fresh pack produce, nuts and dried fruits, and potatoes, TOMRA Food will showcase its state-of-the-art optical sorting machines (TOMRA 5C, TOMRA 5B, TOMRA 5X and TOMRA 3C). With TOMRA, processors can also grade to specification, minimize false rejects, increase removal efficiency, reduce, or eliminate the need for manual intervention, help solve labor problems (scarcity, cost, effectiveness), reduce downtime, and provide data about the product being sorted. And, although TOMRA’s sorting technologies are sophisticated, all are designed to be easy to use. Moreover, these machines are remotely controllable and easily networked; some even possess self-learning (AI) technologies to continually refine their sorting accuracy.