The Enaris range of 95 kPa specimen transportation bags help users remove the risks associated with packaging failure and comply with IATA regulations.

Designed to cope with extremes of pressure in transportation, the Enaris bags have been independently tested and certified as being compliant at 95 kPa pressure.

Simon Balderson, group MD, said: “If you’re transporting diagnostic specimens, how confident are you that the packaging you use will actually take the required 95 kPa pressure, and are you prepared for the consequences if it fails?

“The Enaris bag is a fully tested and certified product, and we’re happy to share the test results with you, so that you can have absolute peace of mind.”

The Enaris range of Safe-Hold™ products will ensure full compliance with legislation surrounding biological specimen transportation Packing Instruction 650.

Safe-Hold™ offers the complete transportation solution– including absorbent pads, pouches (including multi-bay) and 95 kPa specimen transportation bags. All of the products can be purchased online at our webshop at www.enaris.co.uk 

Simon Balderson added: “Packing Instruction 650 is quite clear… the primary or secondary packaging must be capable of withstanding a pressure differential of at least 95 kPa, without leaking. Furthermore, the primary packaging must contain enough absorbent material to absorb the entire contents if needed.

“Our range of Safe-Hold™ products offers all the components needed – either sold separately or together – to ensure absolute compliance on your part. 

“The consequences of packaging failing could be catastrophic – and costly - and so it is vital a fully compliant solution is used for samples needing to be transported. 

“After months of careful and laborious testing, we began offering our 95 kPa bags, and can currently offer them in three sizes, A6, A5 and A4 – with A3 to follow.”

Safe-hold™ absorbent pads and pouches are available in a wide range of sizes with absorbency levels calculated to meet all requirements. The absorbent pouches can be made in formats ranging from single bay to six-bay pouches. 

Enaris can also offer leak-proof specimen transport bags (where the 95 kPa requirement is not necessary) in a range of sizes including A3.

The Enaris compliant specimen transportation range is just one of a number of medical & healthcare products available, with surface/spillage protection, dental products and a range of products for use in surgery also available.

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