Royal DSM, a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, has launched a new resin product, via the Skins® family, to enable silky-feel design and packaging across a wider range of applications. 

Specifically, the new AgiSyn™ 248 resin, which is also known as Silky UV. The UV-curable resin for flexographic and screen overprint varnishes that delivers excellent silk-feel properties. The new AgiSyn™ 248 resin is an addition to the current silk-feel resins range, which is launched via the character Skins® Silky. The low viscosity of this resins range makes it well suited for use in flexographic printing or varnishing units. Thanks to its good chemical and abrasion resistance, Skins® Silky can be used on a range of papers, cardboards, and plastics. This range of resins is easy to process and offers long-term performance.

Building on the success of previously released water-based resins within the silk-feel range, AgiSyn™ 248 can be cured with ultraviolet technology, and enables the delivery of the silk-feel experience to a broader range of end-user applications. When combined with a matting agent, AgiSyn™ 248 creates a unique surface during cure, meaning that the silky feel is created through the structure of the resin itself, and not through soft-feeling additives.

Durga Saggu, Industry Specialist Energy Curable Resins, DSM Resins and Functional Materials: “Over the past decade, marketeers from a wide range of retail sectors have been looking for ways to make customers not only to visualize their brand, but also to feel it. Our innovative Skins® family addresses this demand. In particular, our new AgiSyn™ 248 offers a high-quality silky feel for a wide range of end-user applications, and is UV curable, which will drive its uptake in the market.”   Fred Buckmann, Manager Sensory panel, DSM Resins and Functional Materials: “Like the previous Skins® the quantification of the feeling of our new AgiSyn™ 248 is carefully done by use of our inhouse sensory panel. By this quality control method, we are able to connect AgiSyn™ 248 with the luxurious material Silk.  Moving forward, we will continue to develop our Skins® resins family in line with the changing demands of the graphic and packaging design industry. Meaningful and creative differentiation is now within touching distance. What’s more, in the coming months, we will release two new Skins® resins: one that offers a gritty, sandy texture and one that offers an old-world, artisanal feel. Watch this space!”