Coveris, a leading European manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions, is launching new additions to its sustainable range of products at FachPack 2019 trade show. Answering the market demand for recyclable flexible packaging, at the show in Nuremberg, Coveris is introducing different types of materials that share the same goal – increasing product shelf life, while minimising material waste. 

“Our latest film solutions deliver the same protective, functional and shelf life benefits as existing solutions, but additionally answer the growing market need for more recyclable packaging by 2025. Therefore, they are a significant step forward in supporting the packaging market in reducing both food waste and environmental footprint”, commented Jakob A. Mosser, CEO Coveris.

The first development is Monoflex E, a mono-material alternative for dry pet food packaging, including snacks and treats. Designed using 100% polyethylene, it works for both form-fill-seal and pre-made bags. Monoflex E stands out on the shelf with its high gloss finish and improved printing options (suitable for both gravure and flexo printing), ensuring the graphics catch the customer’s eye. Moreover, the increased stiffness of the material, and the equivalent machinability as standard PET/PE, make introducing Monoflex E to existing production lines a straightforward procedure. Additionally, Monoflex E maintains the best features of standard Coveris films, including enhanced convenience for opening and reclosing, as well as an attractive, premium look at point-of-sale. These strengths - combined with 100% recyclability thanks to its mono-material base - meet the growing market need for more flexible and sustainable solutions in the pet food market. Future expansions are planned for other markets, including consumer products and long shelf-life items. 


Visitors at Fachpack show have also a chance to experience for the first time the benefits of another version of Monoflex, developed in collaboration with Dow. This version, called Monoflex ES, contains also a single layer of PE film, but additionally has a special OPULUX TM HGT coating applied on top. The unique qualities of this optical finish enhance the gloss appearance, but also provide strong heat resistance. Besides the improved visual appearance, Monoflex ES is also designed with recyclability in mind since it offers a PE-based structure and allows to produce without PET layers. The solution is compatible with water vapor and gas barrier including EVOH, which makes it suitable for dry and chilled food, as well as non-food. It’s worth mentioning, that Monoflex family also includes other recyclable option as Monoflex P based on polypropylene that Fachpack visitors can see with their own eyes during the show.  

Another revolutionary solution presented at FachPack 2019 is PE+, an innovative recyclable film intended for retail packaging applications. Currently available across various form-fill-seal formats, it is a sustainable alternative for OPP plastics used, for example, for microwavable fresh food products. Made from polyethylene, PE+ material delivers functional performance, OPRL-compliance, optimised shelf-life and anti-mist formulas that maximise end-user convenience. The line of PE+ film includes a range of solutions dedicated to chilled, ambient and frozen products that require different protection. After launching the material in selected Tesco and Co-op produce lines in the UK, Coveris received positive market feedback and is planning further sales expansion to other European countries.


Finally, Coveris will be featuring its recycling enabling lidding technology for tray-packed products. Utilising Coveris’ innovative multi-layer extrusion technology, polyester barrier film incorporates a unique sealing layer to enable lidding film to be directly heat sealed to the PET tray, enabling 90% of the packaging weight to be recyclable, compared to zero previously. Designed to pack fresh produce, meat and cheese, it also offers significant weight reduction which retailers in the UK and Germany are looking for. In addition, lidding film offers many re-close and non-reclose options, which improves functionality and packaging convenience.

Learn more by visiting Coveris stand 232 in hall 7 at FachPack trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, from 24th - 26th September 2019.