In partnership with companies from across the plastics value chain, Huhtamaki has developed a new tube that includes more than 40% recycled content from ISCC-certified renewable-based plastics.

The solution, which has been developed in partnership with LyondellBasell, Plastuni Lisses (Groupe Somater), and Groupe Rocher, is primarily suitable for product applications in the cosmetics, personal care, oral care, and food sectors.

In order to deliver the innovation, a cross-value chain partnership was formed where every partner had its own responsibility.

LyondellBasell acted as the resin supplier, Huhtamaki was the laminate manufacturer, Plastuni Lisses constructed the tube, and the leading cosmetics, home care and apparel company Groupe Rocher was the brand owner.

For this project, Huhtamaki says that it focused on facilitating the incorporation and use of recycled materials in order to create recyclable products which could increase the circularity of laminated tubes.

To this end, it used resins from LyondellBasell’s CirculenRenew polymers, which are produced with renewable feedstock from bio-based sources from waste and residues such as used cooking oil, using a mass balance approach. These are certified under the ISCC PLUS standard.

Jens Pilzecker, head of global tube laminates at Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging, said: “Our new tube laminates make a real contribution to further enhancing the circularity of flexible packaging, while reducing CO2 by replacing fossil with renewables. Achieving this breakthrough was possible thanks to the great co-operation with our partners LyondellBasell, Plastuni Lisses and Groupe Rocher.“