CMC S.p.A. has announced the official release of its CMC Paper-PRO – a brand new auto-bagging system.  

According to the company, its new product represents the bridge between its 40-years wrapping tradition and the newest logistics technology. Designed to automate the fulfilment of single or multi-products in cut-to-size, ready-to-ship paper bags, the system can process both Paper-PRO Kraft cardboard and CMC Paper-PRO bubble paper that reportedly offers the same robustness and protection as standard polybags or padded mailers.

Orders are scanned for size so that each final bag is custom-sized to the length and height of each consignment, with the aim of reducing wrapping materials and volumes shipped. Once wrapped, bags are sealed with low impact hot melt glue.

Optionally, the system can integrate a despatch note/invoice printing and inserting system, check weighers, and different sortation options. The system is also designed to integrate into any customer WMS and WCS.

“As consumers continue to champion sustainability, we are committed to innovating with unprecedented technical solutions and new materials with the objective of reducing our clients’ carbon footprints,” said CMC’s CEO, Francesco Ponti.

“Retailers have often overlooked the importance of secondary packaging. Today it has become a key marketing tool to improve brand awareness and engage with consumers. First impressions count, and sustainable, right-sized packaging that safely protects the order can become a prompt for repeat orders.”

CMC Paper-PRO has already been tested in the market and will be soon installed in a major 3PL in the Netherlands. The machine will also be demonstrated at Deliver, which is scheduled to be held in Amsterdam in October 2020.