Wet wipes are one of the most popular cleaning products in the world. But until now, the adhesives on wet wipe packages would often fail, leaving the remaining wipes to dry out, and customers to lose the value of their purchases.

“When an adhesive selected for household wipes can’t supply the technical resistance to the solvents (e.g. limonene) used in the wipes, the pack cannot be resealed for the lifetime of the packaging. This means customers cannot properly use the full pack of wipes, leading to disappointment with the purchase, and perhaps encouraging them to change to other brands in the future,” said Jenny Wassenaar, director Select Solutions at Avery Dennison Europe.

Avery Dennison creates a step change with its High Solvent Resistance Adhesives, MR980R and UVR155, from the Select Solutions™ portfolio. These adhesives address the main problem with wet-wipe closures: the vulnerability of the adhesive closure to the solvents in the wet wipes themselves. 

MR980R provides excellent functionality on glossy PET-packaging. It is designed to withstand the chemicals used in household wet wipes, and provides a high strength of adhesion on flexible packaging. UVR155 is the preferred choice for matte packaging, often used in baby, facial and toilet wipes. Both adhesives have been developed specifically for challenging wipe applications (like household wipes), offering high to medium initial tack and a smooth peel.

Consumers who buy wet-wipes are mainly focused on easy-open/easy-close convenience. For manufacturers and brand owners, the priority is finding cost-efficient alternatives to rigid plastic lids and other reclosure solutions.

Household wipes are growing rapidly and are now increasingly used in many different home and personal care applications. Avery Dennison’s range of adhesives ensures the required performance across a broad range of baby, cosmetic, toilet and domestic applications. Our adhesives can even handle contact with challenging solvents, oils and chemicals.

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