CEFLEX, the consortium of companies, associations and organisations collaborating to enhance the performance of flexible packaging in the circular economy in Europe, by designing and advancing better system solutions, has reached a new landmark with stakeholder numbers over one hundred. The journey started in January 2017 with just 26 stakeholders!

The 100th to sign up was RPC–bpi group. Other companies who have now joined to work with the consortium include Herbold Meckesheim – both companies adding to the entire value chain representation. 

This increased interest is also coming from outside Europe with India (Polyplex, Sumilon) and Thailand (The Siam Cement Public Company Limited (SCG)) all now participating. “This shows the relevance of CEFLEX’s Vision for Europe to companies from the other parts of the world where the circular economy is starting to be recognised as the way forward for the plastic packaging industry,” said Graham Houlder, the project coordinator. 

The CEFLEX Vision is that, in 2020, there will be a comprehensive sustainability and circular economy roadmap for flexible packaging in Europe. This includes widely recognised design guidelines and a robust approach to measure, demonstrate and communicate the significant value flexible packaging adds to the circular economy. In addition, in 2025, there will be an established collection, sorting and reprocessing infrastructure/economy across Europe for flexible packaging based on end of life technologies and processes which deliver the best economic and environmental outcome for a circular economy.

Andrew Green, the CEO of RPC bpi group says: “BPI is honoured to be listed as the 100th CEFLEX stakeholder. We see full value chain initiatives like CEFLEX as being vital to developing and agreeing a common vision for how our industry creates and realises a circular economy for flexible packaging. RPC bpi group is a large producer of flexible packaging as well as being one of Europe’s largest recyclers of polythene film and joins the consortium fully committed to participate in the implementation of the Vision.”Werner Herbold, of Herbold Mechesheim adds: “As specialists in machines and systems for plastic recycling we work relentlessly toward bringing to the market new solutions which can enable more and better recycling of plastic packaging. What we believe we will gain from CEFLEX through the collaborative work, across the value chain, is accelerated growth in our sector and we will be able to bring new and innovative solutions to market."