A recent trend for packaging in edible oil, soya sauce and vinegar is to offer dual flow for consumer packs, predominantly one-litre bottles. Dual flow means the consumer can choose between a large and a small flow. In the case of edible oil, the large flow is used for pouring into a frying pan and the small flow for preparing a salad.

A simple shaped membrane is not enough to guarantee especially small flows from the small opening. The liquid pressure pushes edible oil up to the large hole and the flow when poured from the small hole is almost as great as that from the large hole. Bericap Spain has added shaped membrane deflector guides to the inside in order to reduce the pressure on the small hole. The result is an amazingly small flow from the small hole.

Dual flow can be incorporated into all edible oil closure for neck diameters from 26 to 36 mm with a round membrane and a screw cap. Dual flow for hinged caps requires a turnable hinged overcap in order to ensure that the hinge can always turn opposite to the intended pouring hole.

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