BERICAP has been one of the exhibitors at this year's interpack trade fair in Düsseldorf, where it presented ground-breaking technologies, integrated solutions and innovations tailored to individual packaging requirements.

Over the more than 180 m² of its stand E 67 in hall 10, BERICAP, the global manufacturer of plastic closures, has been showcasing new packaging solutions, such as the e-smoCapTM for e-liquids, alongside advances in its tried and tested closure solutions for canisters, metal packages, pesticides, lubricants, sauces & dressings, edible oil, food and beverages.

Innovative ideas are born of the increasingly high requirements made of packaging and, more particularly, the closure. Depending on the area of use, the latter must not only ensure that the container is closed and tightly sealed, but also protect its contents against product piracy whilst complying with high official technical safety standards.

Product safety

In order to guarantee product safety and quality, the assembly of all BERICAP closures is fully automated and process-controlled on state-of-the-art machines.

BERICAP closure for e-cigarette refill sets

BERICAP has developed the e-smoCap™, a childproof closure that makes it easier for millions of people throughout Europe to refill their e-cigarettes. The closure has ISO 8317 CRC certification from the Laboratoire National d'Essais, which is supervised by the French government. A sealing strip ensures that it is tamper-proof, thus providing protection and security for end consumers. There is a long, narrow drip nozzle inside the closure for easy refills.

Of course, it is also possible to conceive of other applications for this product in which precision dosing is of paramount importance.

Protection against product piracy

Product piracy and the accompanying product counterfeiting are sensitive problems with serious consequences when it comes to chemicals of high value, especially in the agricultural sector.

In order to protect refills from being adulterated or tampered, all closures have a folded and slit tamper evidence band (TE) which is extremely difficult to manipulate and provides visual evidence in the form of broken bridges if theclosure has been opened.

Other safety options are customer-specific closure designs, possibly complemented by an additional security label fixed across the closure body and TE band, or the use of laser technology enabling, for example, the companyname to be lasered across the TE band and closure, even on uneven surfaces.

Laser Printing

BERICAP has developed a special counterfeit protection system using a Laser Print where e.g. a logo can be printed on the side of the closure including the closure body and the TE band. Printing on uneven surfaces is no problem. Assoon as the closure is opened, the security strip breaks and the logo is "destroyed", making it obvious that the bottle has already been opened.

Closures for Beverages

Conserving resources by lighter and more economical packaging and innovative closures

At interpack, BERICAP introduced types of closure that surpass the usual standards. Examples include closures that combine the desire for consumer satisfaction – such as good grip – with optimised material usage.

This is particularly true for closures not only for still water, but also for beverages for aseptic fill and hot fill applications. BERICAP will be presenting new closures for the carbonated beverage market as well.

BERICAP has also optimised its product portfolio in the area of sports caps and valves and presented new ideas and applications.

Lightweight yet user-friendly closure solutions for still water

BERICAP HexaLite® 26 and 29 mm


The emphasis in the past has been on reducing the weight of closures, particularly in the food and beverage sector. Cost savings and an improved carbon footprint were a priority, whilst consumer convenience was not taken into account.

BERICAP initially developed lightweight closures in response to market demand.

Developing new closures for a new light 29/25 or 26/22 PET neck resulted in weight savings for closure and neck of 33% compared to their predecessors. However, the new closures were low in (grip)height – only 11 and 10.5mm –making it awkward for the consumer to open the closures.

As a consequence BERICAP developed closures for the 26mm and 29mm PET neck which are higher and allow convenient opening due to a good grip height. In addition, the lightweight necks were maintained and the little added weight to achieve a higher closure was insignificant.

The new caps are virtually of the same weight but look more substantial and are now easier for customers to handle.All HexaLite® closures have a slit and folded TE band with bridges that breaks easily the first time the bottle is opened. N2 dosing is feasible. The 29/25 and 26/22 neck types are approved by CETIE.

New BERICAP Sports Closure Thumb’Up Crystal

Bericap has developed a new two-piece sports closure, allowing a two colour look with a transparent PP shell and a coloured HDPE pourer section.

The new sports closure is designed with a tear strip, offering tamper evidence functionality for the over-cap, but it will also be available in bridge-only form – just break the bridges by moving the over-cap upward with the thumb.

The reactive Double Galileo hinge allows an opening angle of 180°, so that the over-cap no longer comes into contact with the cheeks. The hinge is compliant with BSDA safety standards. Thumb’Up Crystal is available for the PCO 1881 and the 29/25 neck.

Light DoubleSeal SuperShorty® 28/16 7115

After two years of development and testing, Bericap Hungary has successfully introduced an extremely light 28mm PCO1881 flat closure in the market. The closure has been developed for the still water market and saves another 14 per cent weight compared to its predecessor. Besides for still water, the closure can also be used for non-carbonated soft drinks. The closure has been validated with 1.2 bar relative overpressure in the headspace generated by N2 dosing.

Customers, already using the BERICAP CSD closure #7103 can use this new light weight still water closure on the same filling line without changing chucks. Industrial validation was completed successfully at the largest Hungarianmineral water bottler.

Dual Flow EV 21/20 for edible oil, soya sauce and vinegar


A recent trend for packaging in edible oil, soya sauce and vinegar is to offer dual flow for consumer packs, predominantly one-litre bottles. Dual flow means the consumer can choose between a large and a small flow. In the case of edible oil, the large flow is used for pouring into a frying pan and the small flow for preparing a salad.

A simple shaped membrane is not enough to guarantee especially small flows from the small opening. The liquid pressure pushes edible oil up to the large hole and the flow when poured from the small hole is almost as great as that from the large hole. Bericap Spain has added shaped membrane deflector guides to the inside in order to reduce the pressure on the small hole. The result is an amazingly small flow from the small hole.

Dual flow can be incorporated into all edible oil closure for neck diameters from 26 to 36 mm with a round membrane and a screw cap. Dual flow for hinged caps requires a turnable hinged overcap in order to ensure that the hinge can always turn opposite to the intended pouring hole.

Hall 10, Stand E-67

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