In this Innovation Spotlight, Ampacet, a global masterbatch manufacturer, announces the extension of its range of ScratchShield solutions, which help to protect plastic products against scratches and abrasion marks generated during manufacturing, transport, and handling processes.

While some plastics can be sensitive to scratches and marks, consumers expect long-lasting surface finishes free of defects that may impact product value. Scratch and abrasion-resistance can be improved with anti-scratch and other additive technologies that ensure long-lasting surface finishes and enhanced product quality. 

Ampacet is offering a wide range of ScratchShield solutions to enhance the appearance of PE, PP, PET, and styrene-based (ABS, PC/ABS, SAN and MABS) articles by significantly improving their resistance to scratches and abrasion without impacting gloss, aesthetics, or mechanical properties of the resins.

The Ampacet ScratchShield range includes ScratchShield PP 4000412-E,  ScratchShield PP 4000396-E, ScratchShield ABS 6000047-E, ScratchShield PET 7000076-E, and ScratchShield PE 1000617-E.

ScratchShield PP 4000412-E is a highly effective anti-scratch solution designed for a wide range of PP applications requiring food contact.


ScratchShield PP 4000396-E is a non-migrating masterbatch formulated for PP applications where the migration of additives to the surface of plastics may potentially cause some troubles, for example, printing or adhesion issues.

ScratchShield ABS 6000047-E  is a non-migrating powerful anti-scratch solution created for styrene-based polymers and alloys such as ABS, PC/ABS, SAN and MABS and can be used for a wide range of applications such as appliances, home furnishings, luggage, automotive parts, and electronic devices. 

ScratchShield PET 7000076-E designed for the injection stretch blow molding process is a 2-in-1 solution providing anti-scratch protection as well as slip properties to PET preforms and bottles. This additive restructures the surface of the plastic PET item that helps to avoid any crack propagation and therefore limits the whitening and hazing effects caused by abrasion.

Ampacet ScratchShield PET 7000076-E also decreases considerably the coefficient of friction (COF) of PET surface, hence reducing surface friction during PET preform production and blow molding, handling, and logistic processes. This additive improves significantly the demolding of the preforms and the runnability and productivity on the conveyor-belt system during the manufacturing processes.

ScratchShield PE 1000617-E is an outstanding masterbatch solution that helps to avoid wear marks on polyethylene articles reducing the defects associated with abrasions, scratches, and other marks.

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