WestRock Company, a leading provider of differentiated paper and packaging solutions, has extended its Connected Packaging suite through a strategic partnership between its Multi-Packaging Solutions business and A+Be, a spin-off technology business of the Stevanato Group.

Without changing existing packaging or artwork, A+Be’s technology allows consumers to interact with a brand by simply scanning an activated product using a mobile device. The technology immediately recognises the products’ shape or branding and connects the consumer to an extended range of profiled digital content. This can include instructions, videos, web-links and an extended online user community: ‘Packaging-as-a-media Channel’.

A+Be focuses on distinct user communities and uses behavioural analytics to offer consumer support and a range of targeted complementary products and services. Once a user engages with the product, they are directly connected to the appropriate content creating a two-way interactive communications channel. The A+Be app is readily available from app stores and the user simply accepts the use of the device’s camera and localisation setting.

“A+Be offers our customers a cutting-edge technology that can transform how their products link with the consumer without making any physical changes,” said Malcolm Farnan, senior vice president of sales & marketing for WestRock’s Multi-Packaging Solutions business.

The technology allows it to highlight complementary products and services to consumers. Working with brand-owners, A+Be can develop a product activation platform that can be extended into a network of non-competing products utilising targeted advertising space.

“At Stevanato Group we’ve been investing in R&D and innovative products, such as A+Be, that support healthcare companies communicate with the patient, consequently improving their adherence to medication regimes,” said Franco Stevanato. “By joining forces with WestRock and combining our high-quality solutions and global reach, we can further expand A+Be’s potential.”