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Event Overview


This webinar provides an overview of the packaging industry’s analytical requirements with a focus on the accurate testing of both flexible and rigid plastic packaging. It will draw on compliance with essential international safety & quality regulations and standards. And provide insight on how Covid-19 affects and will continue to affect the industry. It will further explain how these issues are interconnected with the path to greater sustainability and recycling.

This webinar helps scientists, researchers, designers and engineers working in packaging manufacture and across industries in food, drink, health, beauty and consumer electronics, to solve today’s challenges in the plastic packaging industry.

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Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the key analytical requirements of packaging with a focus on plastic material
  • Improve compliance with international safety & quality regulations & standards
  • Gain insight on how Covid-19 affects laboratory work in the packaging industry
  • Understand how better analysis in your lab can support your sustainability goals

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Meet your Speakers and Host


Gerlinde Wita
Global Market Leader for Materials & Energy - PerkinElmer

Gerlinde Wita is the global market leader for materials and energy markets at PerkinElmer based in Austria. She has been a chemical engineer and food technologist since 1989, and worked as a sales specialist professional in materials characterization across Europe.

Kieran Evans
Material Applications Scientist - PerkinElmer

Kieran Evans is a material characterization applications scientist at PerkinElmer in the UK, focused on materials, energy and petrochemicals. He is a specialist in infrared spectroscopy, UV/Vis spectroscopy and thermal techniques including TGA, DSC and hyphenation.

Miles Snow
Research & Technology Applications Scientist - PerkinElmer

Miles is a research & technology applications scientist at PerkinElmer with a background in organic analytical chemistry. Based in Canada with over 50 years’ experience as a chemist, he has a wealth of knowledge in different analytical technologies including LC, GC, MS, IR, UV, TEA, AA and ICP/MS

Elisabeth Skoda (Host)
Editor - Packaging Europe

Coming from a background of translation and online news editing, Elisabeth has been with Packaging Europe since 2006, and in this time has developed a broad understanding of the packaging industry and an appreciation of the numerous innovations and developments that have come up over the years. As editor of Packaging Europe’s new magazine Touchpoints, she has a keen interest in packaging functionality and the consumer experience.