Unboxing is the phenomenon of vloggers filming themselves opening new products. It can sound unremarkable, but according to Google, one in five consumers have watched an unboxing video, and unboxing channels routinely top YouTube charts. What’s more, 73% of consumers more likely to make a purchase after watching this type of video.

Independent contract packing company WePack looks at how the contract packing industry make the most of this trend, and whether it is relevant to them. 

Brands are looking to make waves with packaging

Packaging has always been a pivotal part of marketing, but with more and more companies selling online, it is one of the few opportunities to use other senses than visuals to communicate with a customer, with the demise of the bricks and mortar store. 

That, coupled with the fact that YouTube stars show extended shots of the packaging from every angle (a “360-view”), means packaging arguably has to work harder than ever before.

Contract packers can make themselves stand out from the crowd by offering thorough consultations with clients – explaining how the materials, packaging type and packaging design can help bridge the gap between the digital and offline worlds. 

After all, 52% of consumers are likely to make a repeat purchase from an online seller if they deliver in premium packaging – if you can deliver that for a brand through packaging consultations and the product you craft, you’re bound to secure a customer for the long-term. 

What recommendations do you need to make?

As a contract packer or packaging consultant what you need to understand are the exact features of an unboxing video which effects how the packaging comes across.There are no comforts of quality lighting and video equipment to make the product look it’s best – unboxing videos are generally done on phones, in a person’s home without regard for fancy lighting or post-production touch ups.

1.    Amateur video equipment will film the packaging

The videos are normally filmed on phones in every day lighting. That means colour palette has to be chosen carefully. If costs are an issue a good route is to go for a minimalist design, which is fashionable at the moment, to avoid the packaging looking cheap.

2.    Vloggers show the box or packaging from every angle

It’s no longer just about the on-the-shelf look. Vloggers turn the box around showing the bottom, sides and top, so the packaging needs to take this into account. 

3.    Vloggers love inserts and surprises

The best way to create a real impression is to have surprise inserts or unique inner packaging. Anything that is noteworthy to someone opening it up really helps to build a brand identity. This can be as simple as some coloured wood wool.

4.    The packaging will be opened “live” – make sure it easy to get out!

Use a sensible closure design. There’s nothing worse than seeing a reviewer struggle to actually get the product open – it undermines the sense of premium packaging and interrupts the entire packaging experience.