For the last 60 years, Union Plastic has been renowned for its expertise in the field of plastic injection moulding particularly targeting the healthcare sector and, at the present time, offers the healthcare industries high-quality plastic products, ranging from dosing systems, to medical devices and including consumables for in vitro diagnostics. The company has just been equipped with a new injection-blow moulding line in an ISO 7 class environment for the manufacturing of a new bottle: UP PHARM®.

Union Plastic has made innovation a central priority for the last two years and, as such, has added a new area of expertise to its arsenal, injection-blow moulding. With this expertise, the company is now in a position to develop LDPE, HDPE and PE plastic bottles of volumes varying from 5 to 100 ml. 

The first part of this electric machine is a pre-injection plastic processing section. The second consists of a triangular turret where, simultaneously, a first mould injects plastic to form preforms while another mould blows previously manufactured preforms unidirectionally so as to give them a hollow shape. Finally, at the same time, on the last side of the triangle, the hollow bottles manufactured using the first two moulds are ejected.  These two moulds are characterised by their horizontal closure, unlike plastic injection moulds which are closed vertically. 

Union Plastic now offers the supply of bottles blow-moulded with controlled processes, entirely in an ISO 7 class environment as per NF EN ISO 14644-1:2016. Blower ceilings equipped with highefficiency filters protect the zone where parts are injected. The parts are subsequently conveyed into an ISO 7 room for assembly and packaging. This ISO 7 class environmental conditions are equivalent to Good Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Practices Class C. This particulate cleanliness is a real advantage for the healthcare sector since ISO 7 class bottle production makes it possible to reduce residual endogenous endotoxins after sterilisation.

This distinctive offering can now compete with the rare panel of bottle suppliers who offers such an ISO 7 class quality level. With this advantage, Union Plastic is targeting the ophthalmic and self-medication market, particularly bottles intended for the nose, mouth and ears containing active ingredients sensitive to ambient bacteria such as antiseptics or antibiotics. A range of catalogue products is under development and will expand the offering of blow-moulded bottles for the healthcare sector. 

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