Worldwide Dispensers North America, part of the DS Smith Plastics Division, has fully commercialised and competitively priced the Mustang front push dispensing tap for Bag-in-Box and stand-up pouch applications. The Mustang front push dispensing tap has the lowest oxygen transmission rate (OTR) in the industry, making it the ideal solution for extending the shelf life of Bag-in Box wine and other oxygen sensitive products.

Oxygen is a major cause of reactions associated with the spoilage of food products. The Mustang front push dispensing tap has superior OTR performance which prevents oxygen from entering the package, therefore slowing down the oxidation reaction and prolonging the life of the product.

The Mustang front push dispensing tap has a refined design and ergonomic wings which make it easy for consumers to dispense. The front push tap offers a smooth, uniform flow and no-splash, or post-drip, controlled dispensing. The Mustang tap is also available with and without a tamper evident (TE) cap or aluminium foil seal. The TE cap and foil seal blocks the tap in a closed position until removed by the end-user, ensuring product integrity.

The Mustang front push dispensing tap is available for many Bag-in-Box and stand-up pouch markets including Wine, Edible Oil, Juice and Water. The tap is also available in a variety of standard colours or can have a custom colour configuration.

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