At this year’s BrauBeviale event, Rockwell Automation will demonstrate how its secure and scalable brewing solutions can cater to the exacting needs of brewers producing as few as five craft beer barrels to larger brewers brewing up to 10,000 or more.

Brewing is and will always be an art form, but ensuring repeatability and accuracy across large-scale batches or maintaining quality as output increases – driven by popularity and consumer demand –requires the precision, integration, and scalability that only a dedicated control suite can deliver.

The company’s FactoryTalk® Brew™ and FactoryTalk® Craft Brew application suites are designed to provide the functionality brewers need to maintain the quality levels that are essential to their market standing and consumers’ tastes. Both offer a level of detail and control commensurate with production capabilities and capacities – from single skids with FactoryTalk Craft Brew up to a fully-integrated multi-skid production environment with FactoryTalk Brew. They cover all aspects of the brewing process and help master brewers stay in complete control of every phase of their processes, batch after batch, without hindering the creativity that distinguishes one brew type from another.

Data flow, collation and analytics form the core of the processes, giving brewers the ability to have both real-time and historical viewpoints of their processes, to compare performance across plants, quickly scale production up or down and manage energy consumption. This secure data flow offers a level of operation, interrogation, and flexibility more significantly than existing closed-off ‘black box’ solutions.

The Rockwell Automation booth (7-841 in hall 7) will have a process skid running a live demonstration of the FactoryTalk Brew software, along with other software demonstrations, so visitors will be able to see the solution in action. The company will also highlight how it can improve physical factory agility with its innovative independent cart technology. These infinitely variable track-based servo solutions give plant operators the flexibility they need to very quickly adapt packaging and printing activities to varying market demands, with minimal levels of rework and engineering.