'SparkleKlear’ is a unique patent pending cork design that offers many functions in the making of sparkling wine in the field of home brewing and commercially within the vineyard. It solves a simple problem: Traditionally the disgorging of sparkling wine is a complex and messy process requiring great skill. This product makes the process controlled and simple.

‘SparkleKlear’ enables the home brewer the opportunity to elevate their game and easily move up to making their wines into sparkling wine.‘SparkleKlear’ also enables the opportunity for huge carbon footprint reduction on the commercial side by enabling the wine producers to use smaller lighter bottles.

Benefits include reusability, enabling the home brewer to make and easily disgorge sparkling wine, enabling the taking of samples during and after fermentation as well as pressure testing and monitoring. Additions can easily be made to the wine.

‘Sparkleklear’ will be launching on Kickstarter on Tuesday the 19th December. Orders will be distributed from May 2018. 

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