Smithers Pira and Packaging Europe, both leaders in their markets, have pooled their shared industry knowledge and insight to produce The European Packaging Competitive Landscape: Strategic Forecasts to 2023.  This brand new publication examines the current competitive landscape in Europe and its future evolution through to 2023.

The European Packaging Competitive Landscape: Strategic Forecasts to 2023 from Smithers Pira and Packaging Europe provides in-depth profiles of the key strategic players in Europe’s packaging industry, including analysis of product development, R&D, and future corporate strategy across the next five years – making it a great strategic tool for companies competing in, or looking to better understand, the European packaging landscape.

Smithers Pira data shows the value of the European packaging market in 2018 will be €195 billion and forecasts it will reach €214 billion in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 1.9% for this period.  Across this period the industry will respond to key shifts, such as:

 •    Accelerating consumption in Eastern European states

•    Rising consumption of  e-commerce formats

•    Demand for sustainable pack designs

•    Packaging that aligns with modern lifestyles.  

Dan Rogers, Head of publishing at Smithers Pira says ‘We’re delighted to have the support of Packaging Europe in delivering this exciting new publication, drawing on Smithers Pira’s extensive research of the packaging industry over many years. We believe our extensive company profiles will help companies to understand the competition, and how to win in the European packaging space.” 

The market data and analysis is derived from Smithers Pira’s extensive primary and secondary research programme spanning all stages of the European value chain for all key packaging material types.

Tim Sykes, head of content at Packaging Europe, says: ‘We believe this rigorous and extensive strategic document will provide an indispensable guide to any of our readers who need a ‘Google Earth’ view of the outlook for our industry over the coming five years. 

‘This is the first product of an ongoing collaboration between our two organisations. It is an authoritative, vigorous and useful piece of research, with which I’m proud to associate the Packaging Europe brand. I have no hesitation in recommending it to our readers.’

Insight from Smithers Pira’s leading database of technical and market information was combined with an intensive research program to identify and investigate the key companies active in this space. This was further contextualised by a profiling of the key industry and consumer trends active in the European market in 2018 and forecasted through to 2023.