The clock is ticking on the EU Falsified Medicines Directive, which comes into force in February 2019. Are the pharma brand owners and CMOs ready? And beyond compliance, what is the industry making of the opportunities presented by serialisation? Five industry insiders share their insights with Packaging Europe.


These software platforms capture and monitor information throughout the course of the shipments trip. The data retrieved and shared can help pharmaceutical companies make more informed choices on the most appropriate packaging systems to deploy, depending on the specific shipping lanes and routes their payload will navigate. At Peli BioThermal we utilise our comprehensive asset management software – Crēdo ProEnvision™ – and global service centre solutions to help customers manage the entire life cycle of their shipping inventory of Crēdo™ temperature controlled packaging. These technologies and services help life science industry clients reduce payload risk, distribution costs and their environmental impact ensuring temperature sensitive, critical and high value payloads reach their destination safely.