Serac confirms its expertise in container treatment based on dry processes with an industrial sterilization solution using ebeam technology. 

Capable of ensuring a 5 log bacteriological reduction on Bacillus Pumilus without leaving any chemical residue in the container and to eliminate the consumption of chemical agents to decontaminate a bottle, BluStream® is a real technological breakthrough in the aseptic filling of plastic bottles.

BluStream® is particularly interesting for manufacturers wishing to highlight:

-    Production processes that respect both human beings and the environment.

-    Brands that follow natural trends and target sensitive consumers (babies, elderly people, allergic people, etc.).

Quick Sterilization Without Chemical Products

Unlike peracetic acid (PAA) and hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) treatments that rely on chemical principles BluStream® is based on a physical process. It uses an issuer which throws an electron beam over the container’s surface. Electrons quickly destroy micro-organisms by breaking their DNA chains. This enables BluStream® to achieve a 5 log bacteriological reduction on Bacillus Pulumilus with a 1,5 liter bottle in about 5 seconds. Without the use of chemicals, BluStream® ensures that containers are totally free of any toxic residue.

Simpler and Economical

BluStream® is a simpler process which makes sterilization easier to monitor. The BluStream® process only depends on three critical easy to control parameters (voltage, current intensity and exposure time).

BluStream® treatment is also more economical in production because it requires no chemicals, no water, no compressed air, and a minimum increase in electrical consumption comparable to the H₂O₂ treatment.

Continuous and Complete Sterilization in a Compact Unit

Serac’s BluStream® unit is more compact than PAA and H₂O₂ ones; the floor area is only 20m² for a rate up to 36 000 bottles per hour. 

Bottles are treated on two successive carousels; the first one for the exterior treatment and the second one for the interior treatment of the bottle, continuously, at rates up to 36 000 bottles per hour.

For all Products Packed in Plastic Bottles

BluStream® treatment is compatible with all kinds of plastics; HDPE, PET, PP, PS, whatever their weight or shape (off handle). All bottle sizes can also be treated, provided that the neck diameter is above or equal to 30 mm.

Treatment efficiency allows this method to be used for high-acid products (fruit juices) as well as for low-acid products (cow milk, soy milk, other vegetable milks and all nutritional products).

Serac offers with BluStream® a cutting-edge sterilization solution which reinforces its position as an expert in the aseptic filling of bottles. Apart from the new machines, BluStream® sterilization will also be available on the modernization of existing lines.

A demonstration of BluStream® will be shown at Hall A5-Stand 332 during the Drinktec trade fair from 11 to 15 September 2017. 

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