Push-Pull, Twist-Top, Snip-Tip, or Toggle-Swing? The selection of caps and closures is hardly straightforward nowadays, and new varieties for beverages, cosmetics, and other goods are constantly being developed. 

Ceresana analyzed the European market for plastic caps and closures already for the second time. Simple standard screw caps are still sold most frequently, however, caps and closures with an increased functionality gain importance in individual application areas. The analysts of Ceresana expect demand for plastic caps and closures in Europe to increase at an average growth rate of 2.0% p.a. until 2024. 

Stand-Up Pouches with ClosuresPlastic caps and closures increasingly capture the market for flexible packaging. Stand-up pouches are light, handy, save raw materials, and can be designed and printed versatilely. At the beginning, they were lacking practical pouring facility and they could not be re-closed. By now, numerous suitable spout stand-up pouches with integrated and resealable spouts are available for liquids, viscous materials, creams, and other applications. Due to the small size of these closures, manufacturers already have to meet different requirements than for traditional bottle caps.

Light and HandySuppliers of plastic caps and closures profit substantially from an increasing use of rigid packaging made of plastics, of PET-based disposable bottles in particular. Important growth factors are the rising demand for bottled water as well as the increasing consumption of smaller packages. More complex closures such as dispenser systems or tamper-proof caps are used more often. Rigid containers and tubes made of plastics significantly gain importance in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. Often, this increase occurs at the expense of glass or metal containers: Plastic containers are usually combined with a plastic closure. Rigid plastic containers are increasingly used for beer, liquid food such as sauces or spreads, or particularly for ready-made meals for on-the-go consumption.

Smart Eye-Catchers

The trend towards “intelligent” packaging also captures caps and closures. For example, the company Water.IO offers closures for water bottles which help consumers adhere to a healthy and regular water consumption with light or vibration signals. The visual presentation on the shop shelf becomes more and more important as well since the level of competition is on the rise. A simple way to differentiate oneself from other competitors is a plastic closure with marble look, which is produced by RPC Zeller Plastik. Closures that serve as unique selling point and can - often subconsciously - be a factor in purchasing decision for consumers are increasingly created.

The Study in Brief:

Chapter 1 Presentation and analysis of the European market for caps and closures - including forecasts until 2024. Demand, production, as well as import and export are evaluated. 

Chapter 2 examines the demand for plastic caps and closures for 21 European countries in detail. 9 application areas are taken into consideration: lemonades, water, juices, other non-alcoholic beverages, beer, wine & spirits, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other applications, such as household chemicals.

Chapter 3 provides company profiles of the largest manufacturers of plastic caps and closures – clearly arranged according to contact details, revenues, profit, product range, production sites, and profile summary. Extensive profiles of 79 manufacturers are given, including Alpla-Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co. KG, Berry Global Group, Inc., Coveris Holdings S.A., Dart Container Corporation, Greif, Inc., Groupe Guillin, Reynolds Group Holdings Limited, and Tetra Laval Group.

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