Sealed Air has developed chlorine-free vacuum shrink bags with the aim of helping food processors and retailers to improve food safety and sustainability in a circular economy.  

The new CRYOVAC brand OptiDure Bags (ODF4005) are made from a range of resins to deliver a chlorine-free EVOH barrier. This is designed to extend shelf life, reduce waste and safeguard food during distribution, storage, and retail.

Total packaging material weight is reportedly reduced by more than half in the high-tech generation of multilayer, coextruded shrink bags, which apparently enables operators to lower carbon footprints by up to 39%, compared to standard bags.

Jos Van den Block, food proteins packaging director at Sealed Air, comments: “The principles of a circular economy are increasingly becoming standard practice. Consumers across Europe are demanding less waste and better use of resources. They want cleaner, safer, and more sustainable ways of living, which influences how they buy food.

“CRYOVAC brand OptiDure Bags (ODF4005) have been designed for food processors and retailers to meet these market demands. The chlorine-free EVOH barrier offers excellent resistance to oxygen and other potential contaminants such as moisture, humidity, and aromas. This protects food quality and safety, extends shelf life, and minimises waste.”

According to the company, food integrity is further protected by the outstanding shrink qualities of OptiDure, as well as its strong abuse-resistant material. Together, these reportedly prevent rips, tears, and punctures, whilst the shrink bag’s pleated heat seals stop leaks and seal-in freshness and flavour.

Jos Van den Block adds: “The benefits of OptiDure extend beyond its protective qualities. Its overlap sealing properties, combined with automated high-speed packing systems, stop bags from sticking together. This can reduce levels of extra work caused by seal failures by up to 45%, helping improve efficiencies and further eliminating waste. Additional benefits are delivered by the shrink bag’s bright, glossy, and transparent material. This improves pack appearance and enhances the consumer brand experience to encourage purchasing.”

Sealed Air says that OptiDure bags work with a range of heat-sealing vacuum packaging systems, such as shrink bags or ULMA Flow-Vac, and are perfect for packing fresh meats and poultry, smoked and processed meats, and cheeses.

Jos Van den Block concludes: “CRYOVAC brand OptiDure bags represent another innovative step forward in providing food processors and retailers with modern packaging solutions that perform on many different levels. Market demands and expectations of packaging are becoming greater and it’s more important than ever for food packaging to deliver both outstanding safety and sustainability benefits.”