At the drinktec 2017, Schubert will be presenting the Innopack-TLM block packaging system which was developed with the company’s collaboration partner KHS. 

The block system seamlessly combines a Schubert TLM packaging machine with a KHS packer. Customers in the beverage industry stand to greatly benefit from this self-contained total solution which delivers significant increases in packaging quality and flexibility. The Innopack-TLM can be used to pack several different bottle and end-packaging formats – very efficiently and in the tightest of spaces.

At the drinktec trade fair from 11 to 15 September 2017, Gerhard Schubert GmbH will be presenting all the benefits of the Innopack-TLM block solution at the KHS booth (Hall B4, Stand 328). The inline packaging system connects the Schubert and KHS machines by linking individual modules into a compact, space-saving unit. The system exhibited at the fair consists of five TLM sub-machines from Schubert and a machine section from KHS. The block solution, commissioned by an Israeli brewery, packs baskets of 6 0.33 l bottles in a wrap-around carton, or baskets with 6 0.5 l bottles in crates.

The seamless connection between the KHS packer and the TLM packing system from Schubert is achieved by the use of the Transmodul. This patented robot takes on the transport of the erected cartons into the KHS system and then conveys the cartons filled with bottles to the appropriate module for gluing and sealing. The multifunctional machine is clearly laid out, ideally accessible and compact. The entire block system is operated centrally via a single control terminal. Despite the versatility of this solution, personnel requirements are low. In fact, one person can operate the compact system.

The system can pack beverage crates as well as baskets, clusters and other cardboard packaging. The block system presented at the fair achieves an output of up to 48,200 bottles per hour, and therefore up to 134 6-unit baskets, or 45 crates or cartons per minute.

Thanks to its modular design, the space-saving solution can be extended flexibly as production increases or to adapt to different formats and product mixes. This allows customers to react quickly to changing requirements, while enabling forward-looking competitiveness.

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