To enhance convenience and efficiency in global clinical trials, Schreiner MediPharm has developed a new specialty label for infusion bottles: The combination of the “Pharma-Tac” hanger label and a Booklet-Label complements the label-integrated hanger with a paper booklet for comprehensive product descriptions in different languages.

The label design sets out to provide research-based pharmaceutical companies with a marking solution offering greater flexibility and reliability for international clinical trials. 

For the new Pharma-Tac Plus label with an integrated booklet, Schreiner MediPharm’s Clinical Trial Supply Team specializing in solutions for clinical research combined the strong hanger of the Pharma-Tac label with a multipage paper booklet. The hanger is an integral component of the label. In a "simple and user-friendly" way, it is separated from the label and folded over to suspend the infusion bottle from it. The multipage Booklet-Label is firmly connected to the base label and can be opened and closed again by means of a tab. It is customizable and offers space for multilingual product information. 

The hanger label and booklet combination can be adapted to various vial and bottle sizes and the number of booklet pages can be customized to suit the customer’s requirement.

"The product solution provides pharmaceutical companies and CROs (Contract Research Organizations) with a convenient and flexible label that efficiently supports them in conducting their international clinical trials. Healthcare professionals benefit from the new label solutio