ScanTrust, a smart packaging solutions company, today announced a new authentication solution utilising its secure QR codes digitally-printed on HP Indigo to help brands and industrial companies track and trace goods to combat counterfeiting, and enable supply chain traceability.

The patented secure graphic within the variable QR codes is seamlessly integrated into the workflow of HP Indigo digital presses, enabling easy integration of serialised secure QR codes onto labels or packaging, and providing stakeholders throughout the supply chain (from inspectors to consumers) the ability to authenticate goods on-the-go.

The solution was demonstrated last month by ScanTrust, an HP Indigo Brand Protection and Solution partner, at the HP Indigo Global Customer Event in Israel. The event brought together more than 600 professionals across the printing, labels and packaging industry to witness the latest innovations from HP Indigo and solution partners.

"Smart packaging solutions are being driven by the rising threat of product counterfeiting and the need for greater transparency across the supply chain," said Nathan Anderson, CEO of ScanTrust. "This new capability together with HP Indigo allows brands and industrial goods companies to leverage the full benefits of variable data printing for connected, customised and traceable products that encourage two-way communication with end-consumers based on trust, and ultimately leading to increased brand loyalty."

ScanTrust and HP Indigo first collaborated to deploy a seed product authentication and traceability solution for Syngenta, a global agrochemical company, for seeds in China. Following the successful deployment of the ScanTrust technology for Syngenta seeds in China, the Syngenta Middle Eastern team proposed to use the same technology to combat their counterfeit seeds in the local market. Reynders, a Belgian HP print service provider, printed ScanTrust's unique, secure QR codes for integration onto individual seed packages.

Other brands that ScanTrust and HP Indigo have collaborated with include ethical coffee trader, Cambio Coffee, luxury car parts company, Vorsteiner and cable and optical fibre manufacturer, Nexans.