A new technology from Romaco enabling the implementation of anti-counterfeiting devices for cartons will be on show at this year’s Pharmapack.

The Promatic PTT track & trace machine can be flexibly configured and integrated into new or existing pharmaceutical secondary packaging lines.

The Promatic PTT was developed by Romaco as a new platform for anti-counterfeiting systems for carton identification. The integration of this track & trace machine in a secondary packaging line enables pharmaceutical packaging to be tracked seamlessly all along the supply chain. The Promatic PTT can be either implemented in a new line configuration or retrofitted in an existing one, depending on the specification. It makes no difference whether the PTT module is connected to a Promatic continuous or intermittent motion cartoner or to third-party apparatus. The servo-driven machine works independently; it allows synchronised operation of the upstream and downstream line components as well as positive transfer of the cartons by means of toothed belts.

Variable data and the Pharmacode – either a 2D Data Matrix or a QR code – are first of all printed on the side of the packs. Various devices such as an inkjet or laser printer can be used for this purpose. The printed data can then be read optically and verified using OCR/OCV. This system is also suitable for connection to serialisation software. Furthermore, a vignette can be applied to the top of the cartons in order to comply with the regulations which are in force in certain countries. This process, too, is monitored by a camera. The flaps at both ends of the cartons can then be sealed with security labels for even more effective protection against counterfeiting. Once again, a system checks that these tamper-evident features have been applied correctly.

All operations carried out by the Promatic PTT are linked to an ejection system, which ensures that any faulty packs are automatically removed. The reject bins can be locked securely and discharged safely without stopping the machine. As an option, rejects can be sorted into two different bins, depending on the type of error that occurred on the machine.

The Promatic PTT processes up to 400 cartons per minute overall. Romaco’s new track & trace system has benefits for contract packaging and pharmaceutical manufacturers alike as an integrated and flexibly configurable solution for tamper-evident identification and tracking of cartons.

On show at Pharmapack in Paris (France) from February 7 to 8, 2018 (Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles, Hall 7.1, Booth J67).

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