Machine and equipment builders who attended PACK EXPO Las Vegas and co-located Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2017 (Sept. 25–27; Las Vegas Convention Center) heard and saw how smart machines are redefining packaging operations. Now, Rockwell Automation is sharing key takeaways from the event to help machine builders and engineers create smart, flexible and high-performing packaging machines.

One takeaway was the growing role for remote monitoring in smart packaging machines. OEMs can use remote monitoring to oversee a customer’s packaging operations, perform real-time diagnostics and troubleshoot problems. FactoryTalk Analytics for Machines from Rockwell Automation is a cloud-based application that helps simplify remote monitoring for OEMs and their customers. It gathers data, performs analytics and provides actionable information to improve production. Members of the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program, R.A. Jones and Bradman Lake Group, featured this technology at the event.

“OEMs are using remote monitoring to better collaborate with their customers and provide added value, such as real-time maintenance monitoring, faster downtime resolutions and improved machine performance,” said Steve Mulder, OEM packaging and segment leader, Rockwell Automation. “They’re also discovering how remote monitoring can improve different aspects of their business. For example, they can use collected data to better meet performance guarantees, reshape service agreements and improve machine designs.”

Another key takeaway was the continued push for higher-performing packaging machines. Increasingly, OEMs and end users are looking beyond traditional, packaging-machine designs for options that are more productive and efficient. For example, the iTRAK independent cart technology from Rockwell Automation was shown on machines from Bradman Lake Group and Cama Group, also a member of the PartnerNetwork program. The modular and scalable motion-control technology can increase throughput, improve flexibility and reduce changeover times in packaging applications.

More information about creating productive and flexible smart machines is available in the packaging trends e-book from Rockwell Automation.

In addition, the commitment from Rockwell Automation to support local communities and the greater manufacturing industry continued at PACK EXPO Las Vegas. Rockwell Automation was a title sponsor of the PACK gives BACK™ benefit concert. Proceeds from the concert, combined with industry donations and a $100,000 match from PMMI, generated more than $325,000 to support hurricane-relief efforts. Rockwell Automation also sponsored the 2017 PMMI Foundation Golf Tournament, which raised more than $40,000 for education programs.

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