Following the launch of Retran® in January Bell are delighted to report that almost all of their customers have switched to this recycled form of clear packaging.

Retran® is produced using redundant PET bottles and up to 70 per cent of the content is made from used drinks containers.

The raw material used to produce Retran® has been trialled extensively and the results show the material is as strong as the standard PET film used to make Jetran® tubing and clear folding boxes.

The crystal clear transparency is maintained as only good quality bottles are used from approved sources. The material can be recycled and used over and over again.

Available in over 300 standard sizes Retran® can be formed into different shapes of tubing and supplied in cut lengths or on reels.

Typical application areas include DIY products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and confectionery. The material used to make Retran® is certified for direct food contact and the production is carried out in a BRC accredited facility.