Packsize is a global leader in On Demand Packaging® for businesses with complex corrugated packaging. This efficient and cost-effective, just-in-time packaging system and leading supply chain model resolves inventory and shipping complexities and delivers 11 benefits through a distinct mix of box making hardware, software, consumables, and services.

Through a principal focus on right-sized and sustainable packaging created by Packsize, On Demand Packaging® provides customers the ability to create a custom-sized box for every order in their own facilities. This smart packaging process results in less waste, lower shipping costs, decreased damage rates, and increased customer satisfaction. Companies across a variety of industries have adopted On Demand Packaging® powered by Packsize, including fulfilment / e-commerce, furniture, cabinetry, printing / marketing, and manufacturing. Packsize has operations in more than 25 countries.

Ever wonder why the products you order arrive in an oversized box, filled with peanuts and air pillows? By making the right size box when you need it, Packsize® On Demand Packaging® ensures that every product can ship in the smallest box possible. Our custom packaging solutions save valuable time, money and the environment.

By using smaller boxes, Packsize customers significantly reduce their corrugated cardboard spend. The smallest possible box means there’s a reduced need for unsustainable void fillers, and companies that use the custom product packaging don’t need to worry about managing a large box inventory.

Packsize customers improve their carbon footprints, reduce corrugate and filler material, and increase their shipping efficiencies. Packsize custom product packaging results in fewer trees cut, a lower impact on our landfills, and cleaner air for us all.


The Packsize On Demand Packaging® System

Packsize resolves inventory and shipping complexities by giving the customer the ability to create a custom-sized box for every order. This efficient and cost-effective packaging system results in significant process improvements and yields total savings of up to 20 percent. By optimizing order size, material requirements, and packaging throughput, the Packsize just-in-time system drives broad inventory management savings by quickly responding to varying product size and shipping challenges. A leading sustainable business practice, On Demand Packaging® results in lower packaging inventory, less waste, lower shipping costs, decreased damage rates, and increased customer satisfaction.

On average, products sold on the internet are shipped in boxes that are 35% too large. That wastes corrugate and increases freight volume. Additionally, petroleum-based fillers are often used to fill the void in the box. On Demand Packaging® creates the smallest possible box for each order and dramatically reduces the demand for fillers.

An award-winning supply chain and sustainable packaging industry leader in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific founded in 2002, Packsize® International offers right-sized packaging, on demand, for the corrugated marketplace. On Demand Packaging solutions from Packsize include an expert mix of hardware, software, accessories / consumables, and professional services. By creating right-sized packages that offer exceptional protection, businesses can enhance their brand reputation, the customer experience, and their bottom line. These optimised box configurations also reduce corrugated inventory requirements, increase handling and transportation efficiencies, and minimise wasted space.