Repsol continues to successfully market its Repsol Resistex® mLLDPE range. The new plant, started up in 2016 in Repsol’s industrial complex in Tarragona, is now operating at full capacity. 

This new range of products perfectly complements Repsol's polyolefins portfolio, already one of the widest in Europe, composed of LDPE, HDPE, mLLDPE, PP as well as EVA & EBA copolymers. 

Repsol has recently expanded its Repsol Resistex® range, with two grades for high performance blown film as well as one specific grade for monolayer and multilayer film cast. In total three new grades that add up to the two that the company initially offered.   

These grades provide excellent impact and puncture resistance, in addition to very good optical properties.  

- Repsol Resistex® 1614FG, designed for the manufacturing of low thickness film, it stands out for its lower sealing temperature. Therefore, it is especially suited for the food industry to speed up the packaging process in their production lines.  

- Repsol Resistex® 1820FG, is specially recommended for applications that require low thicknesses, such as lamination.

- Repsol Resistex® 1835F, appropriate for monolayer and multilayer film cast applications, it provides the film with high stretchability and toughness. It is particularly intended for stretch film.  

Repsol Resistex® grades have food contact certification, according to (EU) No. 10/2011 Regulation on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.  Repsol is committed to meet its customers’ needs through product and service differentiation.

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