The new dosing cap is designed to give out the exact amount of liquid for consumer liquid products. This means packaging can become smaller and concentrated liquids can be used for a wide range of products, and could potentially change the liquid dispensing packaging industry, the company claims.

Raepak is working to reduce its carbon emissions by 50%. The new dosing cap will enable a solution for many new products going to market in 2018.

Andrew Paterson, Director and company and owner of Raepak, said: “We wanted to offer a simple solution that can make a huge change in the packaging industry. The one dose squeeze cap is a new innovating idea that makes it easy for brands to get involved. Everyone can benefit towards our commitment for lowering our carbon emissions.  The dosing cap can work with different liquid types and is designed to make it easier for the consumer to squeeze the correct amount every time, without worry about measuring or filling alterative cups. This is great news for plastic packaging designers who can incorporate this new cap into the final packaging solution. We are looking forward to seeing this on the shelves in the future."

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