Whiskey, rum, tequila, gin and premium beverage have been associated with materials that contribute and transmit tradition as wood.

Pujolasos, leading brand in the development of wooden caps for spirits, perfumery and cosmetic, carries out the symbiosis between wood and tradition, jointly with the impressive innovation coming from the current market of perfumery and cosmetic. 

The firm located in Barcelona is specialist in the manufacture of wooden caps for spirits, a company leader in innovation in this market. Among its clients can be found the majority of large groups of producers of whiskey, tequila, rum, gin and spirits.

Pujolasos works in wooden packaging sector since 1967, its production, carried out at its facilities, oriented for the large consumer. The company maintains a high level of quality at the same time as a sustainable and responsible policy because all woods used and treated have the PEFC and FSC certifies, which guarantees the sustainable management of the forests.

The facilities of Pujolasos also allow the personalization and decoration of the cap, an indispensable process to obtain a product according to the values of each product. Laser engraving, debossed, padprinting and hotstamping, and the latest innovations that will be show soon in the market, are some of the different technics that Pujolasos make to achieve the exclusivity of its products. 

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