High-quality craft beer provided in draught format will account for over 50% of the predicted double digit annual growth rate of the Brazilian craft beer market over the next five years,

according to new analysis by Petainer, the market leader in innovative packaging.  The move from bottles comes as Brazilian craft breweries build their reputation, brands, increase their volumes and adapt the taste to the superior quality demanded by the Brazilian beer-drinker.

Brazil is now the third largest beer market in the world, behind the US and China.  In 2016, the Brazilians drank almost 14 billion litres of beer, compared to the 23 billion litres consumed by the Americans. Over the past five years, the craft beer sector in Brazil has been growing almost eight times more than the traditional industrial market (approx. 40% vs 5% or less on average), with more than 500 craft breweries now established in the country.  Although the sector currently accounts for just 0.7% of the overall Brazilian beer market today, the growth trend is set to continue and with it the volume of beer produced by breweries.

The move towards draught presents new challenges for breweries who need to start using kegs for the first time.  They need to make sure they use a product which is easy to fill and handle at the brewery, and which is fully compatible with on-trade dispensing systems.  To preserve the quality of the beer, the keg must also provide UV protection and a long shelf life of at least nine months. 

Breweries should also ensure they supply the beer in kegs which are lightweight and simple to use in bars and restaurants and do not take up unnecessary space in terms of storage when empty. 

Ricardo Leonel Vieira, Brazil Country Manager, Petainer, said: “The Brazilian craft scene will continue to enjoy exponential growth, as we have a continental and multi-cultural country, aligned to a warm climate and a traditional passion for beer. In such an environment, there will be more and more space for draught and so, the industry has to find a cost-effective, efficient distribution solution to reach long-distances whilst ensuring the taste and quality is maintained to the highest standard.  One-way PET kegs are proving to be the ideal solution for delivering draught beer in perfect condition.”

Petainer is to exhibit at this year’s Brasil Brau 2017 Trade Show and Conference, which is taking place at São Paulo Expo, from 26 to 28 July. Petainer will be sharing the stand with KHS, its official distribution partner in the country.

It will be showcasing its petainerKeg™ range, including the Classic keg and Linestar, which are increasingly being used as a more economical and efficient alternative to traditional steel kegs and glass bottles by brewers around the world.  

PetainerKeg™ Classic and Linestar are used only once and are fully recyclable, cutting out costly return logistics and washing processes.  In addition to significant cost of ownership and sustainability benefits, they provide enhanced product protection, making sure that the beer is as good as the day it was brewed for over nine months*.

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