At interpack 2017, PanPac Engineering A/S presents a newly patented system for robot operated handling of big bags. As the only system in the world, it allows fully automatic big bag filling to be built into existing filling stations. Accordingly, reducing costs by half and increasing competitiveness for food manufacturers.

Big bag filling stations are used to fill standard big bags with various bulk materials such as powders, grains and granules. Typically, an operator manually attaches the bag on the loading spout before the material pours down the spout and into the bag.“Our robotic system uses a loading spout with various lengths allowing us to reduce the height of the filling machines with 1.5 metres. This means that food manufacturers do not have to build a new filling station or reconstruct to make it fit,“ explains Managing Director Morten Nysted, PanPac Engineering A/S.

Effective filling in existing stations“More companies have replaced the operator with a robotic system enabling them to save manpower and gain a faster, cheaper and more accurate filling process. However, a fully automatic system usually requires a very large investment as food manufacturers must replace their existing filling machine to install the system,” says Morten Nysted.

Thanks to its new patent, PanPac Engineering A/S is the only company offering a fully automatic big bag filling system that can be built into existing filling machines and consequently saving food manufacturers from investing in both a new filling machine and an automatic system.“A new station with a filling machine and a robot operated handling of big bags cost 3-4 times as much as our solution where the filling machine remains,” says Morten Nysted.

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