A food waste solution will be showcased at the forthcoming K 2019 expo. The new antifog coating is the result of Palsgaard’s participation in a United Nations initiative. The company took part in the UN’s SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Accelerator Programme.

The result was Einar® 1122 – an antifog coating for industrial packaging which keeps food looking fresh and desirable at low temperatures. As consumers tend to choose visually appealing products – leaving those with foggy packaging to decay – it can help reduce food waste, contributing to UN sustainability goals.

Additionally, Palsgaard points out that Einar® 1122 can deliver  performance in applications such as stretched polyolefin and polyester films, where it compares  well with competing fossil-based products.

Like all Palsgaard’s solutions for the polymer industry, Einar® 1122 is plant-based and food grade (it is sourced from sustainably produced vegetable oils.) 

Christina Normann Christensen, Product & Application Manager for non-food at Palsgaard, said: “The polymer industry has a particularly important role to play in meeting global sustainability goals.  However, that does not have to mean sacrificing on quality. As well as generating excitement around our ongoing sustainability efforts, our involvement in this project led to the creation of a new product with real benefits for companies in the polymer industry. Einar® 1122 demonstrates that high performance can go hand in hand with sustainability strategies.”

Palsgaard will be exhibiting at K 2019, Hall 7, Level 1 / D20. In addition to Einar® 1122 it will be showcasing a range of other food grade solutions for the polymer industry, including antistatic additives, mould release solutions and dispersing aids.