Behind the scenes

We teamed up with the managing director of AIPIA (the Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association), which hosts the rapidly growing AIPIA world congress.

My colleague Elisabeth Skoda, Editor, flew to Amsterdam to film Eef de Ferrante on green screen for our front cover. We wanted to introduce our readers to the topic in a personal and direct way.

The cover is transformed by AR, bringing our Head of Studio, Gareth Harrey’s artwork to life, and allowing Eef to entice you into the magazine.

Asides from this experience, our readers can benefit from bonus AR content within the pages of the magazine. Juxtaposing our content with the technology was the ideal way to explore its potential.

Don't miss!

Check out our in-depth article with Zappar, and the accompanying zapcodes exemplifying their dynamic and innovative projects.

We’ve also used AR to support articles with interview footage, giving a more personal and dynamic experience.

You can also find out more about the Sustainability Awards by unlocking bonus content.

And last but not least, our forward-thinking advertisers took the opportunity to connect with our audience in a new way.