PACCOR has acquired the majority stake in EDV Packaging Solutions, one of the leading manufacturers of rigid barrier packaging for the food industry worldwide. 

EDV outpaces the competition in delivering products which require greater protection against oxygen migration and coffee capsules made from polypropylene, as well as made out of advanced bio compostable materials. The acquisition advances PACCOR’s position in rigid barrier packaging applications globally. 

PACCOR, manufacturers of sustainable and innovative plastic packaging solutions, has further executed its long-term growth strategy and has acquired EDV Packaging Solutions. EDV Packaging Solutions, S.A. has been the leading producer of food protection packaging, including barrier sheets and thermoformed containers to extend product shelf-life, often in partnership with global food producers. 

EDV has focused on the manufacturing of rigid packaging solutions for products requiring greater protection against oxygen migration, combining this technology with a complete project management service, ranging from product conception to production and with the delivery of full solutions to customers. EDV has also developed processes for the efficient manufacturing of barrier applications such as coffee capsules made from polypropylene, as well as advanced bio compostable materials. Furthermore, EDV is the leader in rigid barrier applications for ready-meals and the world’s third largest producer of fruit bowls (for products such as, compotes).       

"We are very happy to welcome EDV Packaging Solutions as a new member of the PACCOR worldwide family. Over the past years, EDV has achieved very impressive growth and profitability. We are happy to merge forces in order to jointly capture further opportunities within Europe and outside of it," commented Andreas Schütte, the CEO of PACCOR.

The acquisition will allow both groups to lead the innovative change in manufacturing sustainable packaging and to become the global leader for rigid barrier applications, with EDV becoming PACCOR’s Center of Excellence for thermoformed products requiring higher oxygen protection. Furthermore, PACCOR will also enter the highly attractive and fast-growing market for coffee capsules in Europe. At the same time, EDV has gained a strong partner for the further support of its market growth in Europe and beyond.

"After 30 years of hard work growing a family business to become the leading European operator of rigid barrier packaging, it is an excellent opportunity for us to be a part of the bigger PACCOR family. This is an upscale to become a worldwide player in this fast growing segment," summarized Koke Pursals, the President of EDV.  

EDV Packaging Solutions was founded in 1972 by Jose-Maria Pursals Sr. Since the mid 1980s EDV has been run by the second generation of the Pursals family, (Koke and his brother Jose-Maria Pursals). The company has been growing successfully in Europe for the last four decades and gradually making an impact on America’s and Asia’s markets as well.