Toppan has entered into a sale and purchase agreement with JOLED Inc. to build a mass production line for high-density semiconductor packages at JOLED’s Nomi site.

As the volume of data traffic rises every year, digitalization is increasing, and Toppan explains that requirements for high-speed, large-volume transmission are calling for such semiconductor packages as 2.xD packages.

Its line is set to produce Flip Chip Ball Grid Arrays (FC-BGAs), or high-density semiconductor packages used in data centres and generative AI. The company hopes to meet growing demand for FC-BGAs, high-speed transmission, and chiplet use, with the line scheduled to launch in 2027.

Toppan adds that the site will be used to develop next-generation technology, and it is considering the production of its existing electronic products at the location.

Digital twin, three-factory automation, and AI technologies will be used with the aim of ensuring that the facility is launched smoothly – thus increasing efficiency and cutting down on manpower requirements.

Land and buildings have been purchased at JOLED’s site in Nomi, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. It offers a site area of 99,612.14 m2 and a building area of 100,683.40 m2.

Toppan is also expanding FC-BGA production capacity at its plant in Niigata, although it is said that demand is limiting room for its expansion. As such, the JOLED Nomi site is anticipated to build upon the company’s ability to manufacture semiconductor packages.

The announcement comes after Toppan released a new NFC tag with a capacitive sensing function, allowing for the contactless detection of the volume of liquid inside a container. It is expected to be useful for luxury goods stored in opaque containers.

In other business transactions, Borealis has acquired advanced mechanical recycler Integra Plastics AD in a bid to increase its recycling capacity by over 20,000 tons; and AkzoNobel is funding a new manufacturing plant for bisphenol-free coatings in Vilafranca del Penedès.

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