Thurne-Middleby Ltd has added a new meat portioner, the Portion X, with additional product conditioning and scanning technology, to its range of slicers and portioners.

According to the company, the PortionX meat portioner was developed with high volume case-ready beef and pork processing in mind and utilises new technologies to provide performance improvements.

For example, Thurne-Middleby says that the portioner uses new product conditioning and scanning technology to ensure consistent handling of variable products and to optimise portioning performance for weight control and higher yield.

In addition, the company claims its multi-dimensional active forming technology improves the portioner’s ability to form primals of various sizes, apparently eliminating the need for dedicated forming moulds for each primal. This reportedly means that only a small number of change parts is needed to handle a variety of primals within a size range, with fewer changeovers required.

Dynamic primal positioning and active product offer “excellent” laydown, according to Thurne-Middleby. The company says that the gentle blade action of the orbiting head evenly cut portions from individual steaks to shingled groups of thinner cuts such as minute steaks.

The company adds that the steaks and shingled groups produced are ready for packing with high on-weight rates, eliminating the need for manual collation and styling, and minimising rework required to achieve target pack weights. The PortionX meat portioner can apparently be integrated into existing lines.

Adrian Neave, project manager at Thurne-Middleby, comments: “PortionX was designed to increase production capacity with the same number or fewer operatives.

“Additional benefits of the reduced requirement in manual handling could be a more compact overall line footprint and improved shelf life.”

The portioner will make its debut at the Middleby Food Processing and Packing Brands booth at Hall 8, booth E06, at IFFA 2022.