Returnity Vuori reusable boxes

Returnity has announced apparel company Vuori will use the company’s Last Box, a reusable shipping box that apparently lowers the economic, operational and environmental impact of a retailer’s inventory fulfilment, for merchandise shipments to its U.S. retail stores to replace conventional cardboard boxes.

Returnity claims this initial implementation of The Last Box will eliminate the use of over 100,000 cardboard boxes, as each Last Box “replaces the use of at least 50 cardboard boxes and 25 feet of packaging tape”. The company adds the product will cut packaging, lower operational costs and reduce box unpacking labour by 50%.

“We know that Vuori takes sustainability seriously,” says Returnity CEO, Mike Newman. “We are proud of our ability to empower Vuori to lower its environmental impact through the use of our innovative reusable packaging.”

Founded in 2017 and based in Brooklyn, USA, Returnity designs, manufactures and implements reusable packaging and circular logistics systems and says it is being used for 1 million shipments and deliveries a month by brands and retailers including Walmart, Target and UPS. Returnity launched The Last Box in 2023, claiming the tamper and water resistant box could lower retailers’ packaging expenses by at least 30%.

Also in 2023, Rhinopaq and Circular Logistics partnered with Riese & Müller to ship its e-bikes and small components in reusable plastic packaging, designed to match the sizes of currently available cardboard boxes and able to be folded down once the product has been delivered.

More recently, Corplex, Packeta, and Slovak Telekom produced reusable e-commerce boxes for direct home delivery of mobile phone handsets, incorporating QR technology for product tracking and inventory management. By serializing production, the companies intend to meet customer expectations and unlock more sustainable e-commerce deliveries for the telecommunications sector.

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