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EuCertPlast and RecyClass are combining their audit schemes for plastics recyclers to form the RecyClass Recycling Process Certification, a move hoped to build trust in recycling claims going forward.

Both audit schemes are based on the EN 15343 standard and aim to trace the origin of waste in recycling processes for plastics – seeking to help recyclers certify the environmental safety of their operations by examining thensur process and identifying any required permits.

As legislative measures surrounding the use and traceability of recycled materials are increasing, it is hoped that the agreement between RecyClass and EuCertPlast will ensure compliance amongst recyclers and improve transparency in plastics recycling, thus enhancing the reliability of recycling claims.

Clear measures will be established by RecyClass to help the changeover run smoothly. The relevant transition period will be announced, which will define the validity period of existing EuCertPlast certificates and the process for future audits.

Communication and branding activities will maintain the EuCertPlast name and visual identity in line with its reputation within the plastics industry.

The news comes after RecyClass updated its Design for Recycling Guidelines and Recyclability Evaluation Protocols earlier this year – seeking to align with developments in packaging features and recycling technologies.

The former would continue to update and incorporate all plastic packaging streams in a bid to help the industry improve recyclability in its products and harmonize recycling for plastic packaging across the world.

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