Tower has launched a new pallet solution for the transport of ultra-cold temperature-critical pharmaceuticals, including vaccines.

According to the company, the new KTM42D Tower Double Euro Pallet Ultra Cold offers temperature-controlled packaging and extended storage of products that require an internal temperature range of -80˚C to -60˚C. This reportedly makes it suitable for vaccines, life science products, and other pharmaceuticals requiring a stable temperature environment.

The new pallet uses Tower’s “reliable and reusable technology”, apparently balancing ultra-low temperature needs with shipment size, simplicity of use, and reusability. The passive temperature control system reportedly removes the need for external power, while datalogging technology can provide real-time confirmation of the internal temperature for traceability and safety.

Additionally, the technology helps to minimise human intervention, according to Tower. For example, the KTM42D apparently features an easy load and unload processes thought double door access, thus cutting the time taken to less than five minutes and reducing human contact with dry-ice in order to maintain health and safety working conditions.

Tower adds that the temperature is consistent throughout the payload to prevent temperature differentiation inside the pallet. The company claims that, when stored in a freezer unit at -20oC, the KTM42D maintains temperatures of under -60oC for over nine days. It can allegedly also be replenished with dry ice in under five minutes, providing unlimited deep freeze time.

Niall Balfour, CEO of Tower Cold Chain, comments: “All of our solutions are developed to meet the needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers, 3PL providers and airlines.

“As such, the KTM42D has been designed to accept two full Euro pallets and maintain the stored contents at less than –60°C for over 94 hours.

“Initial feedback has been beyond our expectations, with one partner calling it a ‘game changer.’”

The KTM42D is compatible with a range of transit options, including wide-bodied aircrafts, reefers, and all road-transport options. It is available across Tower’s global network of hubs, which the company says offers availability within 24 hours or less.

Phononic recently unveiled its Intelligent Actively-Cooled Tote, which uses CO2 and water to cool and freeze perishable goods; the innovation eliminates the need for dry ice but, like Tower, also offers real-time insights into the cold chain. Meanwhile, Softbox’s ultra-cold temperature-controlled, reusable parcel shipper has been used by Pfizer to transport its COVID-19 vaccines, which must be stored between -60oC and -90oC.