Wiliot, the Internet of Things (IoT) innovator which combines self-powered, stamp-sized computers and cloud-based sensing to enable ‘things’ to communicate with brands, has announced an enhanced Works with Wiliot (WwW) partner program and a series of new partners, including Tactical Edge, Sensize, 2Plus, Digipal, Xsights, VisionID, MLINK, Codegate, Blyott, and SATO.

The new WwW program features all-new matching functionality, according to the company, which is a member of AIPIA. This connects its customers, which include many of the world’s largest brands across apparel, food & beverage, and pharmaceuticals, with the most compatible ecosystem partner to deploy Wiliot’s disruptive technology The matching model takes into account industry, location and other needs, including the level of integration required.

The program guides customers through a diverse ecosystem to discover and align with the Wiliot partners that possess the right capabilities, expertise, and resources to help them achieve their IoT objectives. The process minimizes research requirements for customers and partners, enabling quicker deployment and time-to-results. By bridging the gap between its customers and partners, the company says it is poised to accelerate adoption of the Wiliot Platform and IoT Pixel tagging technology across global supply chains, to make them more agile, profitable, and sustainable.

“The industry is evolving from an IoT of billions of expensive things to trillions of everyday things and the potential for consumers and brands cannot be understated,” said Ulrich Nissen VP of Partners & Business Development. “However, the barriers to reaching this Internet of Trillions of Things (IoT2) are no longer technological or production-related but ones of ecosystem partnership; no one company can build this IoT2, only a complete ecosystem of leading-edge IoT innovators can.”

The latest partners to join the program bring an ability to scale faster than even Wiliot can enable on its own, despite rapid growth funded by the recent Softbank-led $200M investment. Specializing in a wide range of markets, these new partners offer solutions that enable customers to build a complete, fully-networked IoT infrastructure, it claims.

For example, Tactical Edge offers customized software and data management solutions that reduce costs, optimize business processes, and extend system lifespans. The company’s Total Visibility Anywhere (TVA) application is a real-time supply chain management and monitoring application, enabling organizations to have a precise view of supply, distribution, and transportation activities.

“Wiliot’s technology is driving massive growth in the IoT market. This creates a big opportunity for us,” said Peter Vitale, Founder and COO of Tactical Edge. “Our skills and product set have been honed over years, providing supply chain visibility with auto-ID technologies that used battery-powered Bluetooth technology. All of that experience has proven directly relevant to Wiliot’s product, which is built using many of the same standards, but with a much more scalable approach.”

Another example is SATO, a leading provider of auto-ID solutions integrating printers, smart labels and more. “Working with Wiliot leverages SATO’s expertise in Bluetooth, RFID, vertical applications, and our approach to solving customers’ problems with complete systems,” said Hiroyuki Konuma, President of SATO Corporation. “We are now starting to enjoy a return on our significant investment in Wiliot’s technology, as some of our largest customers are beginning to tap into the experience we have developed as a first mover in this space.”

To accelerate the onboarding of new WwW partners, Wiliot has also launched its Partner Enablement Kit – which provides current and prospective partners with the tools they need to begin developing with and experiencing the Wiliot platform. The Partner Enablement Kit includes one year of Wiliot Cloud Service; IoT Pixels; bridge devices; gateway devices; a Wiliot Starter Kit; and access to the Wiliot community forum & support portal.