Cabka 1 04.03.2024

Cabka’s BigBag S5 plastic pallet for the transport of big bags.

Transport packaging company Cabka has teamed up with Red Bull and BMW on its two new load carriers, the BigBag S5 pallet and the foldable large container, CabFold Hybrid.

Red Bull and Cabka have collaborated on The BigBag S5 pallet, aimed at optimising ingredient transportation. Apparently crafted from 100% recycled plastics, the pallet enables a closed-loop system connecting Red Bull’s facilities in Europe and the USA.

With dimensions of 1150 x 950 x 150 mm and load capacity of 1000 kg, Cabka says the BigBag S5 achieves a 20% reduction in container transport by utilising space within standard 20-ft ISO containers. The design includes extra wide runners for double stacking stability and use with roller conveyors, entry tunnels that prevent the forklift from damaging the big bags, four-way entry and a deck design that centers the Big Bag load.

Cabka 2 04.03.2024

Cabka’s foldable large container, CabFold Hybrid.

The company states that the CabFold Hybrid, developed in partnership with BMW, is designed to integrate into existing logistics processes and has 90% recycled plastic content, significantly reducing CO2 emissions in packaging logistics. Reportedly, the CabFold Hybrid is collapsible and reduces empty container volume to less than one-third of the original, resulting in space savings, an increased number of containers per return transport, and substantial cost and emission reductions.

Both products will be on display during LogiMAT 2024 at Cabka’s booth 4B40 in Hall 4, from 19-21st March.

In similar news, Tosca launched a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tool last year that analyses a company’s water, fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions with its current containers for bulk transportation of liquids compared to Tosca’s reusable, foldable Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) to provide LCA data on the cradle-to-grave impact of making the change.

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