Navigator 15.03.24

Paper company Navigator has launched its Home Pack 2X designed for double sided printing, drawing and crafting, and aiming to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact. 

The new pack has 200 sheets of 90 g.m-2 and the paper has double-sided printing capabilities, apparently allowing users to save up to 50% on paper by using both sides of the sheet. 

The company says each pack includes a QR code leading to a dedicated landing page featuring activities starting with a sheet of Navigator paper, from crafting paper plane races to creating paper trees. 

Navigator Home Pack 2X adds to the existing Navigator Home Pack – a 80 g.m-2 pack with 250 sheets - and Navigator Home Pack XS – a pack with 150 sheets of 80 g.m-2 – designed to meet the needs of households, particularly in an era of widespread teleworking. 

The company states it is committed to an 86% reduction in direct CO2 emissions compared to 2018. It adds that by 2030, 80% of its primary energy consumption will be sourced from renewables and by 2035, 100% of its electricity will have renewable origins. 

In other paper packaging news, Releaf Paper has introduced three new products made from fallen leaves and recycled fibres, including a self-assembled box and wrapping paper. The products are reportedly recyclable after use, fully biodegradable and compatible with a range of drawing and printing methods, aiming to offer a ‘green’ alternative to virgin paper. 

Statistics suggest that three billion trees are used in the production of paper packaging every year across the world. Earlier this year Juan F. Samaniego, editor for environmental newsletter Planeta Mauna Loa and freelance science journalist talked us through manufacturers’ attempts to overcome these figures by producing paper from grass, hemp fibres, and recycled clothing. 

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